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 1.Wallet and security (page 1-2)
1.1.Types of Wallets (page 1)
1.2.Security (page 1-2)
 2.About Coinmarketcap (page 3-5)
 3.About Bitcoin (page 6-8) 
3.1.How Bitcoin works (page 6-7)
3.2.Bitcoin Wallets (page 8)
3.3.Where can you buy/sell Bitcoin (page 8)
3.4.How to buy/sell altcoins (page 8)
 4.About Ethereum (page 9-16) 
4.1.What is ethereum and what’s make it special (page 9)
4.2.Ethereum wallets (page 9)
4.3.Creating a MEW account (page 10-12)
4.4.How to send ETH and other TOKENS from MEW (page 13 -14)
4.5.How to see/add new tokens on MEW (page 15-16)

 1.BUY and HOLD (page 2-3) 
 2.Arbitrage (page 3-4) 
 3.Scalping (page 4-5) 
 4.Trading (page 6) 
 5.ICO (page 6) 
 6.Trading with Leverage (page 7-8) 
 7.Trading with Binary Option (page 8-9) 
 8.Programmer (page 9) 
 9.Dividend Coin (page 10) 
 10.Masternods (page 10) 
 11.Affiliate (page 11) 
 12.Airdrops (page 12) 
 13.Creating a news channel (page 12-13)


 1.What is trading? (page 3) 

 2.Coins analysis (page 3- 26) 

 3.The safest entry-point LONG/SHORT (page 27-28)

 4.The market sentiment (bullish, bearish) (page 29)

 5.Trade on BTC/ALT (page 30- 33) 

 6.Stop loss and money management (page 34-38) 

 7.Terminologies used in Crypto (page 39)

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