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Crypto Signal Romania

CryptoSignalRomania  can provide you multiple benefits
Trading Signals
Cryptocurrency trading signals in three big exchanges: Binance, Bittrex and Bitmex
Technical Analyses
Cryptocurrency technical analyses of Btc/usd , altcoin/btc and altcoin/usd pairs
Cryptocurrency News
Cryptocurrency important news for you to keep up with the crypto world

Crypto Trading Signal

Crypto Trading Signals on Telegram Channel

Early Signals based on inside info

Every signal contain BUY/SELL Targets

 High-Risk transactions contain Risk Factors and also Stop-loss

(BTC/Altcoin) Binance / Bittrex and BTC/USD Bitmex

Crypto Technical Analyses

Technical Analyses on TradingView

Technical Analyses (BTC/Altcoin) Binance / Bittrex and BTC/USD Bitmex

These Analyses contain indicatos, patterns, events

Explained Technical Analyses

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